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Fiber N' Cotton - 10g

Fiber N' Cotton - 10g

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The cotton of Fiber n 'Cotton for a very specific purpose: to create a product adapted to different styles and materials of vape without altering the specificities of each one of them. The perfect marriage between fiber selection, product design, chemistry, and mechanical engineering. Our cotton is a subtle blend of purified cotton and cellulose fibers, each selected for their unique properties.

Cotton brings a characteristic roundness to e-liquids
Cellulose sublimates the high notes


High absorption rate: Improved your experience on a dripper, tanks, and squonk
Better retains e-liquid for more dense steam
Longer coil life thanks to cellulose

Ease of use

A standard format to adapt to your habits
Easy to handle when inserting or removing the coil

Health security

No trace of pesticides
A purification process that removes all impurities from cotton
Cellulose fibers of the highest quality
Packaging and premises that comply with the standard food standards applied